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The Position: Atlanta Sales Representative

Brief Overview: The goal of this position is to help renters find the perfect apartment in Atlanta. It is a text and email heavy, relationship based sale. And because we work with so many properties, we are SUPER committed to finding all our clients a perfect space to be themselves.

The benefits:

  • Flexible work schedule and unlimited vacation - you work when your clients need an apartment, so your schedule is determined by your clients, not a boss
  • People first culture - work is just better when you actually enjoy the people you work with, and this is a client focused process where most admin work is done for you. Just focus on your people and find them an apartment!
  • Support over management - we trust our team to do the best work and we provide any resources and support you need to do that
  • Technology for efficiency - we custom designed an easy to use software to make your life (work) easier
  • Growth - Create your own crazy growth story by hitching a ride with us. Smart City is scaling at an insane rate, which means the opportunities are everywhere and we want to help you to create your growth story here.
  • Warm leads - we hate cold calling, we have a line out the door of people who are excited to work with you to find an apartment!

Traits we’ve seen that lead to success:

  • Driven, extremely goal oriented and ready to learn
  • Positive, good at overcoming obstacles, and always sees the silver lining
  • Excited to be an integral part of a quickly growing company where you’ll have a direct impact on how successful we are and how much we grow
  • Social and outgoing, natural ability to keep conversation going
  • Accessible and adaptable, iphone obsessed
  • Authentic, generous and down to earth
  • Motivated and gets satisfaction from working your ass off for your clients
  • A follow-up ninja, not necessarily detail oriented but can be organized if you need to be
  • Passionate about life and our city

The day to day:

  • Connect with clients: build trust by being a real human being, we all know how stressful and exciting it can be looking for a new apartment!
  • Run a search: listen to clients and put together a list of apartments that meet their criteria
  • Tour: hang out with clients and check out potential rentals, guide people in their apartment search and give your expert opinion
  • Become an Atlanta expert, build property & client relationships, true uncapped potential
  • Create relationships with apartments through locating (by being such a badass) that they want to contract with us: real connections extend beyond our clients! Our agents are jedis at building strong B2B partnerships with local properties.

Here’s what our company believes in (values are extremely important to us):

  • Honor Bound – We do what we say we’re going to do, and we don’t need to wear a suit and tie to do it.
  • Overachievers – We always go the extra mile. You don’t grow like we grow by being complacent.
  • Never Settle – We are constantly striving for growth, both personally and professionally.
  • Optimistic – We are a genuine force of positivity, not like rainbows and butterflies, but like, life is good and things will end up okay.
  • Real People- We treat everyone like friends, and we’re real human beings who make mistakes sometimes. Let’s learn from it and move forward!

A bit about the company you’d be joining:

Smart City is a hyper-personalized, human-centered apartment locating service that saves renters time and money when searching for a new place to live. A unique lead generation system paired with our proprietary internal technology has created over 4300% growth in six years. Smart City has caused a major disruption in an antiquated apartment locating industry, all while being able to scale to a significant $20m in revenue with no outside funding.

Here at Smart City, we are more than just an apartment locating company. We love what we do, and we work hard for our clients because we care. We believe in quick communication, accessibility, transparency, and having fun while putting in good old fashioned hard work. We are looking to bring on absolute killers to join our fast growing team!

Check out our LinkedIn page to see what #SmartCityLife is all about:

Target Compensation: $60k-80k per year.

Smart City is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and does not discriminate based on race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law, in connection with any aspect of employment at Smart City Locating.